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Inventor, Pioneer and First to IntroduceLeaf Pre-Rolls in the Market One of the Largest Suppliers ISO and GMP CertifiedSpread over 90,000 sq. ft. AreaMore than 1500 Skillful labor


We are the inventor, pioneer and first to introduce Leaf Pre rolls in the market back in 2012, we are one of the largest suppliers of leaf pre rolled cones in India (the world), our company is an ISO and GMP certified spread over 90,000 sq. ft. area and more than 1500 skillful labor dedicated to roll the leaf.
We offer natural leaf super slow burning organic Bio-Leaf pre-rolled cones and blunts, skillfully hand rolled from unprocessed organic herbal leaf which have unique advantages over the other similar leaf pre rolls available in the market, the organic leaf have various unique characteristics in smoking like super slow burning, corresponds very well with the filled/ packed smoking mixture, even burn quality (burns much slower than a cigarette paper), no paper like smell and leaf itself is flavorless but gives a unique herbal aroma on burning, till date this is the best described non tobacco herbal leaf of the market.


Organic Herbal Leaf is not homogenized or tobacco leaf, it is purely natural unprocessed organic leaf, pre-rolled cones are hand rolled from selected high-quality leaves and filters are made from organic corn husks. Pre-rolls are technically hand rolled and air tightens without any adhesive. They’re not a rolling paper and they’re not a cigarette tube! They’re a totally new concept in smoking.
– “Herbal Leaf Rolls”


 Leaf Type: Each leaf is finely chosen from theforests and lands where these are naturally grown so it makes you the perfect roll. You’ve got to choose from the Tendu leaves which are toasted and have a smooth flavor or the Cordia leaves which are greenish in color with more chlorophyll content that gives you no flavor of its own. Each of these leaf types last long enough to offer an amazing smoking experience that is completely unique.

Shape & Size: Leaves can be trimmed to the classic cone shapes or blunt shapes (which resemble cigarette tubes) and sized as per the market standards.

Filter options: We offer a variety of options for filters which include zig-zag filters, paper filters, round corn husk filters or even the luxurious wooden tipped rolls.

Infuse the leaves with an exciting range of flavors or create an extra twist with our terpene infused rolls!

Filling sticks:
Your pack isn’t complete without packing sticks and you get to choose from the classic wooden filling sticks or designer plastic sticks.

Packaging: Load your cones in acrylic clear tubes, pouch packs of 3 or 5, economy packs or just as your brand needs them.

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